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Beurre Bosc Beurre Bosc Originated In France As A Chance Seedling, And It Is Not Known When It Was Brought Into South Africa. Beurre Bosc Is Harvested From Late January To Early February.   Beurre Bosc Is A Medium To Large, Rough-skinned Pear With A Distinctive Symmetrical Shape, A Long Thin Tapering Neck And Slim Stem.   The Skin Is Yellowish-green To Brown When Ripe. The Flesh Is Cream Coloured And Firm And The Texture Is Slightly Coarse, But Tender, And The Taste Is Aromatic, Sweet And Juicy.    Bon Chretien Bon Chretien Originated In The United Kingdom, And Is Also Known As A Bartlett Of William's Pear In Other Countries. Bon Chretien Is Harvested From Early To Late January.   It Is A Bell-shaped Pear And The Skin Is Green-yellow With Conspicuous Green Lenticels When Picked. As The Pear Ripens, The Skin Turns Yellow And The Lenticels Become Brown. The Flesh Is Creamy-white In Colour And The Texture Is Smooth And Fine. The Taste Is Fragrant, Sweet And Juicy. Bon Chretien Is Both An Excellent Eating And Popular Canning Pear.    Forelle Forelle Originated In Germany As A Chance Seedling And Was Introduced To South Africa In The Late 1800's. It Is Believed That The Name Forelle Originates From The Rainbow Trout Of The Same Name, Because The Special Colour And Markings On The Pear Are Similar To That On The Trout.   Forelle Is Harvested From Late February To Late March. It Is An Oblong Of Bell-shaped Pear. It Is Attractive, Being Highly Coloured.   As It Ripens The Background Colour Changes From Green-yellow To Golden-yellow With A Brilliant Red Contrasting Blush. The Skin Is Marked By Conspicuous Lenticels Appearing As Spots. The Flesh Is Creamy-white In Colour And The Texture Is Slightly Coarse, And The Flesh Is Sweet And Juicy.